RadVision™ – A Brachytherapy Treatment Planning System

General Description

The Acoustic MedSystems, Inc. RadVision™ system for brachytherapy was developed to address the need for a versatile, configurable, comprehensive system and procedure for generating treatment plans LDR seed implants and for monitoring the actual seed implants. It is also used for generating treatment plans for users who use HDR devices. All of these procedures can be performed using RadVision. RadVision™ has received FDA 510(k) clearance.

This product utilizes available delivery components (Applicators, template guides, probe stepper) with the dose planning system using pre-defined radiation sources (i.e. I-125, Pd-103 and Cesium for seeds and Ir-192 for HDR). RadVision is designed to perform real time dose planning in the operating room or treatment room. RadVision quickly utilizes images for real time dose planning. Images can be CT, MR, Ultrasound, or PET. Image fusion permits registration and blending of image sets.

Multiple image planes are used for the volume study of the anatomy to be treated. Image slices are spanning the entire treatment region contoured and an appropriate treatment plan (based on the Target Dose) is generated (manually or using the RadVision™ Plan Generator). For example, prostate brachytherapy, guidance consists of a standard template with 0.5 cm and 1.0 cm needle spacing configurations. This template is attached to a stepper device which also holds an ultrasound imaging device to provide digital spatial position information in real time to the image acquisition hardware. RadVision incorporates the capability for the physician to mark needle tip positions and automatically track implant placement differentials from the treatment plan. The system compensates for these and can re-optimize the implant of seeds yet to be implanted. The information that RadVision enhances allows the physician to focus on the procedure while providing immediate feedback for improved treatment accuracy.

In addition to ultrasound image processing, RadVision can import or capture live MR and CT images for planning, as well as either real time MR images or ultrasound images for implant guidance during the procedure. RadVision also captures fluoroscopic images which are processed by intraoperative registration of ultrasound to fluoroscopy (iRUF) processing objects and fully integrated with the system, providing for fusing and blending of images and overlay of seeds in both 2D and 3D views, as well as quantitative dosimetry and DVH or BED (biological effective dose) assessment.

Indications for Use

The use of Acoustic MedSystems, Inc. RadVision Dose Planning and Treatment Systems is to provide patient-specific planning, imaging, and implants or applicator device alignment for treating cancer using radioactive seed implants or HDR afterloader devices. In addition to planning and treatment, RadVision also allows volume and dose calculations, 2D and 3D anatomy and dose visualizations, and post treatment seed localization.

RadVision is a general purpose brachytherapy planning system used for prospective and confirmation dose calculations for patients undergoing a course of brachytherapy using either temporary or permanent implants of various radioisotopes.

Software Capabilities

RadVision™ system screenshot.

RadVision™ installed in a desktop computer displaying different screenshot (left) 3D view of the seed location combined with 2D view, (right) 2D view combined with dose curves. The screen utilized ultrasound imaging.

The key features of RadVision™ Treatment Planning System include:

RadVision is cleared by FDA under K131428 in the U.S. This product is indicated for use under the direction of a physician.